Aigrette Resort (Aigrette Bay Narada Holiday Hotel), Liangzhu Culture Village, Hangzhou, China

Introduction of the conference venue

Aigrette Bay Narada Holiday Hotel, a five-star international holiday hotel, with strong cultural charms, is situated at "Liangzhu Culture Village" of Hangzhou, where is an international standard cultural tourism town with 12,000mu of distinct sceneries, and is also adjacent to the Liangzhu Cultural Relics. The hotel boasts the ecological environment integrating with hills and green land and water net plain areas, which are the nearest to the urban areas of Hangzhou.

With land area of 274.8mu, floor area of 73,000㎡, water area of more than 40,000㎡and road and square covering over 20,000㎡, the hotel features the simple, unsophisticated and classic design and magnificent momentum, the main part of the courtyard-style architecture is composed of ten individual areas, which spread amid the hills, green land, wetland and lakes and cultivate a harmonious atmosphere of cultural and natural ecological landscapes, thus providing the superior holiday enjoyment to honorable guests worldwide.